Climate transport to Niet Rotterdam

In commission for the Board of Government Advisors

Future Thinking • Experience Design

An experience of Rotterdam in 02093. Water enters the city. A group of climate refugees is evacuated.

Experience teaches. V�V believes that if you really want to find an answer, you have to empathize as much as possible with the problem - as if it were your own. At least half of the solution lies in truely understanding the problem.

Major issues such as climate change and what the Netherlands will look like after the year 02100 are so grand that it is almost impossible to comprehend: a 'hyperobject'. By making it personal, by experiencing what there is to lose when extreme climatechange affects your immediate environment; by having to choose between survival and loved ones; only then can you start designing for that future. Can we prevent what happened to us?

Climatetransport to Niet Rotterdam is a bus journey through time, from the future to the here and now. We started in Rotterdam in the year 02093, fleeing from the water as climate refugees on a two-hour transit to Niet Rotterdam - beyond the new water border, above NAP, at the Maas, in Limburg. After receiving a warm welcome (or not), we start the journey back to the here and now. This second half of the journey was all about formation; from vision formation to design issues.

Trailer by Rauwkost Film                     Ⓒ2024