Design for Generations

A self initiated project. In partnership with Dutch Design Foundation and World Design Embassies. 

Long term thinking • Collection

For the long term

Design for Generations is for the long term. An online collection of concepts and projects that embrace intergenerational thinking - spanning ideology and culture, knowledge and skills, decades and ages.

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We are looking to expand the body of striking examples of intergenerational thinking and acting. Projects, ideas and concepts, even policy - everything that is thoughtfully implemented is designed. What could we learn from them, in order to give shape to new ways of thinking, designing and changing?

We showcase the work of others, using descriptions we found or assembled. We do not own anything. If you want to improve or comment on the current collection, please drop us a line at (7xv).

Launch of during Dutch Design Week ‘22, here presented at the WDE conference.                     Ⓒ2023