Design for Generations

A self-initiated project. In partnership with World Design Embassies. 

Long term thinking • Design Research • Collection • Interviews • Gamification

A study into the practical examples, the stories, and the lessons of intergenerational thinking and acting. 

This is a research project into typical, practical examples of long-term design. These examples cut across ideology and culture, knowledge and skills, and sometimes date back to the world of our distant ancestors. What could we learn from Design for Generations? And how could these learnings (again) find a place in the design process?

The striking examples have now grown into a collection, which is shared on Instagram and online. In addition, a monthly interview is published on the World Design Embassies platform with a leading generational thinker - an ancestor of today who has mastered long-term thinking in work and life. Already interviewed are, among others, Government Advisor Jannemarie de Jonge, writer and theater maker Marjolijn van Heemstra and artist Maarten Baas. Thirdly, an exploratory DfG game is in development where a diverse audience is invited to use the collection as an inspiration tool for a new perspective on current issues.

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The right of the Seventh Generation, as by the Haudenosaunee Tribes. 

We showcase the work of others, using descriptions we found or assembled. We do not own anything. If you want to improve or comment on the current collection, please drop us a line at (7xv).

Launch of during Dutch Design Week ‘22, here presented at the WDE conference.                     Ⓒ2024