Parcours de Parking

In commission for Kongsi, Groenemorgen and 150 jaar Nieuwe Waterweg. 

Placemaking • Car Centered Cities

Taking back the quay 

Through research and discussions in the Kralingen district with residents, civil servants and Buurt Bestuurt, we found out that a lot of power is being taken away from the promising quay by a number of factors, all of which are related to the dominance of the car.

The car is dominant. The Rhijnspoorkade is a typical example of how the car hinders accessibility, safety, greening and a pleasant stay.

Our intervention was born from there: a parkinglot for people, on the quay. You come down the dike by descending a obstacle course with ladders and climbingropes, emphasizing the absurdity of the challenges faced to get to the waterfront.                     Ⓒ2024