European Commission, H2020 funded. In collaboration with 7 other countries and 9 different companies. Back-end & blockchain by Twan van Landschoot ©2020

Circular economy • Vision • Plastic • Blockchain • Digital platform • Gamification 
PlasticTwist aims to change the perceived value of recycled plastics, by building a platform that functions as a marketplace for ideas, expertise, half-products and finished concepts.

We co-developed a platform that uses blockchain technology as a backbone for the exchange and valuation of recycled plastic resource materials and products. We have led a Dutch pilot resulting in multiple recycled plastic concepts and potential start-ups, a consumer engaged plastic diet and a plastic playground festival concept, alongside various scientific studies.

We developed the complete user flow, the interaction, the value system and coordinated the back end and front end.                     Ⓒ2024