In commision for Rotterdams Weerwoord. In collaboration with Hapsalon, Natuurgoed Ziedwij & Gerrit-Jan Smit ©2019

Food forestry • Vision • Nature • Event

Imagine 2050: What do we eat?

We created a vision on our future diet. In our perspective, food forestry! It looks like a forest, everything grows as it would grow wild yet everything is edible. An ultimate example of local and small scale. Besides, such forestry acts as a sponge, protecting us from water excess and floods. The food forest is a self-sustaining ecosystem with a year round harvest yet it is not recognized as either agriculture nor nature. What is it then? What do we want it to be? Well. More. Why don’t we all grow a forest garden, our own forestry buffet. And to introduce you to some flavour: PLUKBAR.

Plant and grow your future recipes

Serving two vegan sweet treats: kandijklei (or say, sugarsoil) and a Shiitakebonbon. Then, gather some fresh ‘n wild weeds to go with hot water: tea! From all kinds of, often, unwanted weeds. Which are actually fast and easy growers, groundwater regulators and therapeutic if not medicinal.                     Ⓒ2024